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Fun Facts

Here are 5 fun facts about my children’s book “ Flying with Kindness “.
1. The book was inspire by my early childhood experience as well as my son.
2. My main character Basil experience with the old lady is my personal experience when I was          
    about five years old.    
    I still remember the experience like it was yesterday. We were going to the Doctor office by
    bus when I refuse to give up my seat for an old lady after my mom ask me too. I remember my
    mom being embarrass by my actions. I was acting like I was in the terrible two stages. My mom
    with a stern voice made give up my seat.
3. Fast forward a few decades and now I’m getting payback from my own son who sometimes
     struggles to show kindness. My son is three now and I’m always trying to discover new ways to
     encourage kindness. Reading books to him made a big difference and that’s why I decided to write
     my own book so to help other families.
4.  I came up with main character name Basil bec…


Quote “Flying With Kindness offers children a valuable lesson in kind-heartedness and shows how one act of kindness can lead to another, and the positive effect on the recipient. It’s a beautiful, yet simply written story with eye-catching illustrations and, in a rare feat, the author has conveyed the overarching message in an entertaining but non-preachy manner. In a world much in need of a little compassion and understanding, this children’s book is a breath of fresh air.” – Scott Medbury, Author of the America Falls Series, and father of four.