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Prelaunch Alert

Do you have any favorite children’s books?

What are some of my favorite children’s books. My all time favorite is “Duck for President “, by author Doreen Cronin. It’s a wonderful book that teaches kids the process of governing and the election process. It’s a fun book that will enlighten children. This author has several other books.  My second favorite is the all time classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar “, which teaches nature in a wonderful way. This book was written by author Eric Carle. Another favorite book is “ How Kind”, by Mary Murphy. This is a great picture book for children under two. It’s teaches kindness in a way that toddlers will just understand. Do you have any favorite books you recommend? Please share your favorite books?

Prelaunch Alerts

Children’s book “Flying With Kindness” is less then six months away from release. Today I’m starting a prelaunch alerts for those who would like to follow the progress of my book. Sign up for email alerts to receive exact launch date, and location.

Building the character

The character of my book is taking shape. The illustrations are in the works. The children’s book “Flying With Kindness “ is starting to take shape. The release date is still planned for Sept 2019. The main character is a Indian boy name Basil. He is five years old with a young sibling. Basil has a hard time showing kindness mainly because he perceives it as too much work. When his family takes an airplane while on vacation to their destination, he goes through a transformation that changes him along his journey. It’s similar journey a lot children make. They learn the basics of being kind by being expose to the world around them. This will be a fun book that I believe children will want their parents to read to them over and over again. Sign up for updates at

Inspiring Kindness

Model Kindness for your Children Kids observe each detail of adults and try to mimic them which is why it is important for you to be kind also. Toddlers are the right age to make a favorable impression on them. Toddlers are eager to learn and constantly learning. My book,”“Flying With Kindness” picks up that learning by giving examples to parents to inspire kindness with their kids. One excerpt from my book introduces a character that happens to be an elderly lady who the main character meets. She teaches him a surprising lesson. Flying With Kindness was inspired by my own son and my parents. I expect a release date by Sept/Oct of 2019. Please go to my website to sign up to our email list on release dates.

About me

I am a husband and father of a three year old boy. I’m Soon to be a new children’s book author of a book called, “Flying With Kindness“. A second book is in progress. My career path took me to aviation were I been a commercial pilot for over twenty years for a major air carrier. Currently I’m flying an Airbus 320. I’m also an NLP practitioner and a successful app developer that created an app that helps people with fear of flying. My Turbcast app has been mentioned on Fox News, USA Today and numerous articles. I’ve always had a passion for being a children’s book author. Children’s books may seem easy but in reality it’s hard to write because you’re writing for two audiences. I plan to release my book “Flying With Kindness “ by September 2019. Stay tuned for further updates.
Cheers! Today I am half way finish with my first children's book. Currently, I am working on my illustrations. My manuscript was completed and edited last month. My manuscript took me two and a half years to finish with me revising it at least 65 times. It was a proud moment when I could finally say this is the final draft. My title of my children's book is, "Flying With Kindness". It will be a children's picture book about showing empathy, and kindness to others. In such a crazy world that we live in, we could all use a little bit more kindness. I expect my book to be releases by Sept,or October 2019. Book number two is already in the works.